Floating: having little or no attachment to a particular place; moving from one place to another


The other day I was running on the beach. It was chilly out and the beach was fairly empty with the exception to fly fishers, seagulls and anyone who dared to brave the icy waters for surf. As I ran the sun peaked its way through the sky of clouds. Not in a way that tempted heat, instead almost in fear of the shade. I looked out to the crashing waves. As I watched them roll, eating the shore line, I saw in the distance a buoy that was side ways. Its struck me as odd. I don’t know why it seemed so out of place, but it did.

A buoy has very little purpose in regards to the entire ocean.  It is a marker used for navigation in the water. It needs to be upright or it will get tossed half-hazard in the murky waters. Aren’t we sort of like that?

We are these humans with small purposes in the scheme of the universe. We sometimes fall and no longer can function at our fullest potential. We are left lying there with waves sloshing us from side to side by everyday life. Good or Bad. We are capable at any moment for any reason to just not be seemingly good and perfect. But where we ever? Take a buoy out of the water and it has no purpose at all.

Because we need the ocean. We need life. We need direction, and to be the director of our own lives. This ocean, our lives gives us a reason to stay afloat, to not just drift.

But we need something more than the ocean. Its not enough to just have the ocean, because what if there is a storm. Sure on a sunny day the ocean seems like its enough, enough to just float. When there is a storm on the other hand we need something else. We need help, because the only place we are drifting is down.

We need someone to come flip us right side up. I know you all know where I am going with this, we need Jesus. We need someone to save us from ourselves, from the crashing waves and from the chains that tie us down. And He died to keep us adrift. He didn’t come to take away the waves, he came to save us from them. And what more can we do but be navigators pointing directly to Him. There-in lies our direction.

So at the end of my run on the beach, I stood there and gazed off at the ocean. All its beauty and splendor. I realized how small I am. How loved I am. How great He is. I am ok with being a buoy. Just keep me upright Lord.


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