Something about hearing it live. The way your blood swiftly moves through your body. It makes your hips want to move. The rhythm, you just cant get away from it. I love live music. I am not even a huge music snob, but if there is a show for a band I know even one song for, I am down. I just love to experience music life and at its peak. Live. Uncut. Unreserved.

Come to think of it I like to experience life like this. Live. All raw. Bearing all emotions, reservations, thoughts, opinions. Experiencing enough of life that it makes your blood boil. Filling every second of my time with shake rattle and roll living. I like to go and go. Burn the candle at both ends. Fill my time with as much fun, intentional time with people, and life experiences as I possibly can. I don’t like down time. I like ready set go. And I like loud. I love loud. Peirce your ears kind of loud!

And then there comes the end when they exit the stage, go off to their tours bus, probably smoke pot and drink booze and talk about how great, or lame or whatever the show is. Then sleep.The release after doing something great isn’t like any other. The sleep after a long filled to the brim day is phenomenal. I live for that. To truly earn your sleep is so rewarding!

Hey maybe this seems like a petty thing, but as always I have a purpose.

Here is my big message: Stop waiting for life to happen to you and go grab some of it or it is going to pass you by. I here so many complaints about how bored people are. How discontent they are with their lives. How they are waiting for their big break. I got news for you, you only get one life and you need to go use it. Love people, be success full, full fill your purpose, be a little crazy, fall in love, be patient and simply go live your life.When its your time to exit the stage do you want to look back and wish you had done things better? Lived fuller? Not I. I want to know that I impacted and was impacted. I want no regrets. YOLO

If you have ever gone to a show with me you probably think I am a fool. I dance like a weirdo. I throw my head everywhere. I sing super loud. I meet the people around me. If you are my friend you know I am with you all the time. Join me in living. I drive my car to fast. Talk to fast. Do too much. Love too often. And when it is time I know how to slow down, reflect and regain my strength for another show. I love living and cant imagine doing it any other way aside from fast and purposeful.


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