resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another’s success or advantage itself.

Its a sneaky little thing. Our flesh tells us its almost right. We get mad when people have things we want. A better life. Better job. Higher pay. More and better things. We want to be in a relationship and are jealous of people who are. The list goes on and on of how we want what others have and are clearly cursed because we don’t get it. The universe must be out to get us.

I think we all struggle with jealousy from time to time. I am pretty sure it is more common in women. We as women tend to rant and rave and gossip like there is no tomorrow, which many times stirs, affirms and enables are jealousy even more. We sit and talk about “her” and how she is so spoiled and gets whatever she wants. All of this comes packaged differently but it all flows in the same cycle. We as people struggle with jealousy.

The root of jealousy? Oh you will never guess…drum roll please… its pride. Ok so you probably guessed that because its the root of all sin. But how prideful are we really to think we have some sort of right to covet what another man has or is. We are simply human beings, deserving of nothing, blessed by everything and certainly not entitled to a single thing. Yet we get so swallowed up in it. We start manipulative rumors about people we are jealous of. We try to attain what they have simply for the purpose of having it. We are mean and cruel to them because they have something we desire. Its sick really.

If I where to choose what I think the worst thing to be jealous of, I would think that its of a persons time and energy. This holds no biblical principle, I have just see this far too often and the results of this in my own life are rather constant. So here we go: I am jealous of one persons time, someone else is jealous of my time, I feel trapped, start pushing both parties away, to get what I want, I don’t get it, pity party, repeat. Its vicious. It hurts people. It hurts me. But although saying it out loud allows me to see how awful it is, I keep doing it, justifying it is because of love. Really? Its not loving. If I truly loved someone selflessly I would allow them to live a full life and not try to hog their time and energy. Yet I tell myself I just love them so much that I want to spend lots of time with them and that it is simply hurtful to know they are with other people. Bullshit. Jealousy of someones time is so unloving to them and does such a dis-service to the one you love. It puts a pressure and a wedge in the relationship for them to please you. They don’t need to please you by giving you all of their precious time. Again its really sick. Its like we want to own people.

So let me give you two sides of why we should be different: practical and biblical.

Particularly speaking when are jealous of things, such as people’s time, we end up coming across as needy, whiny, never satisfied people. Always wanting more and to be better than other people. I am sure in reading this your brain popped up a picture of someone you know who is like this. My guess is that though you may tolerate this person, they are not your favorite person to spend time with. They tend to suck at our time, resources and energy and we don’t want to give that to them, because we know the root of it is a jealous heart. You don’t want to put yourselves into that box. Additionally the damage that jealousy does to your heart and the toll it takes on your spirit is devastating. To live a life of constant un-fulfillment robs you of all joy and puts you in a place of bitterness.

Then there is a biblical side (you didn’t think I would neglect this did you?) 1 Cor. 13:4 “Love is patient, love is kind and it is not jealous…” Simply put the act of jealousy is against the act of love. It angers the Lord and is displeasing to Him. This really doesn’t give us a lot of room for excuses. We really can’t justify our jealousy when Gods first command is to Love others and we go against that with our own selfishness. I know we all struggle with it, but as believers we need to lay that jealousy at the foot of the cross. God knows our weakness is and how they effect us. Lets head His words and truly love others selflessly.

Do your soul and your loved ones a favor and be content with what you have. Receive all blessings with thanksgiving. Enjoy every moment, with all that you have. Your life will be fuller and your outlook will be positive. As always go out in love. Not in the ways of a jealous heart.



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