Life. What is it. 75 years (or whatever) and then its over. We survive only to merely touch the world. We barely get to figure out any of it and then we have to leave it.

What is this big thing all about? Everyone I know seems to have an idea: it’s about making plans you will never fulfill, about doing things that make you happy, about going to school and learning, about landing the dream job, accomplishing things, finding the one, making a little family, finding ourselves, going on adventures, trying new things, relaxing….

I don’t like any of that. Oh sure I enjoy all of those things. I love all those things actually. I think fun and adventure and things are the stuff that makes life good. It makes up for all the messy stuff. But when life becomes about that we get all wrapped up only in ourselves.

So there are these people I know. They are wonderful people and I love them. I feel loved by them. The only problem is they love things more. More than me for sure. More than other people too. Their goal is to strike it rich. pyramid schemes, winning the lotto. Whatever it takes to get more things. More money. They put money above their love for their children, spouses, friends, health, spiritual growth etc. They are always desiring more. Wanting to keep up with the Jones’. They daily struggle with wanting more money and having spent too much money and having debt up to their eye balls. I am certain that when they die they will leave their children to inherit their debt. They grow angry when they lose large amounts of money and can never really give God the control over their finances. They join weird empowerment groups to try to gain more wealth and financial freedom. And boy are they showy. They parade their slew of worthless worldly nonsense around, as if I cared to covet. Their souls are on the path of turning black for they have forgotten the love of brotherhood and replaced it with the love of money. These are lots of these people who I know. It disgusts me. I don’t even live minimally and this is just so over the top.

What imprint do these people leave? Well they are the friend that when they come over you know they are going to stick they’re nose up at your kitchen appliances and are going to flash you they’re checkbook to show you how much they spent on dinner. Such a bad representation to leave behind. We all leave a representation. So many of us by default leave a negative one. There are so many negative examples of imprints I could use: gossip, whore, obnoxious, glutton, needy, liar, thief…the list goes on and on. What we leave behind is a good indicator of our character and a gauge of how people read our actions. If we could hear what people say about us (and we know they say things) would we be pleased with what they said about us? Would we shrivel in disgust at our humanity? Would we pridefully disagree?

When I really look at myself, really pick apart my interactions with other people, I know I am not looking so hot. I am loud, self-serving, degrading and stubborn. I am sure if you have spent more than five minutes with me you could make your own list. I also know that I try. I try to love others. Try to be slow to speak. I try to give more than I get. I really do. I also know I am covered by grace, which is so beautiful and that I can be redeemed in all situations. Thank you Lord. So simply put; we are always going to fail people and we have to walk in that grace if we are going to make it at all. To be fair we must also learn to judge people by their hearts and not simply by their actions. We have to look at their fruit and not their short comings. Also though, we need to realize how much our actions affect other people. We can no sooner abuse the grace we have been given than we can go on in life without that grace.

We have to realize we aren’t God. We can’t change people by our pathetic actions. We have been bestowed the responsibility to influence them. We must always allow our actions to be a reflection of our hearts. When we bear fruit of patience, may others know the Lord was patient with us. Does this all makes sense? I am afraid I might be running in a circle of how to love people better through our actions. I am saying two contrary things. We must always put Christ on and love them and when we fail we have grace to cover us. It is the balance of those two things that allows us to truly love others.

I could say that again and again and again…

There isn’t really much else to say. I mean this is so simple and yet so often we fail. Falling right into a lap of grace. So go forth. Watch how you interact with others and change where you need to. Constantly, and I mean constantly, check your heart and your motives. Be aware of your pride and selfishness. Communicate how you feel. Go be better. When I leave a room of people I desire that no matter how my actions were displayed that they saw love and they saw Christ. No matter what. The only way to achieve that is to cover myself in His love and wholeheartedly give that away freely. Again no matter what.


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