Today begins, what seems to be a long, interesting journey as a Nomad.

On moving out of my apartment: for the last few weeks I have slowly been moving my belongings into a storage in Orange County. This weekend is the Big Move. All my stuff, even the big furniture, needs to be in storage. Last night was my last in my apartment. It felt surreal, as though I would be back in my bed in my room the next night. Alas this isn’t the case. I have been packing all week. Last night I got sad for the first time. Not cry on the floor of my room sad, more like irritated.  Everything, but my clothes are going to Orange County to wait for me until I move up there in December. All of my stuff, the things that make me me, the stuff I for some reason think I cant live without, its ALL going to be locked up in storage and out of my reach. It may seem petty, but it made for an interesting feel to a weird day.

I awoke this morning, without an alarm, bright and early, at 7 am. Couldn’t sleep, too anxious. I got up and packed my car with all my clothes. My car was full. Actually it’s Corey’s car. Which is large. It was filled. With my clothes. When my mother saw it all she said was “I wronged you, I shouldn’t have done this to you.” Thanks… I had this problem when I moved out of my parents, only it was twice as bad. Kristine (my former, former roommate) recalls me sitting in my, then new room, in a pile of my clothes saying “Kristine! I have so many clothes! How did this happen?!?” as if I am a victim of some heinous crime. I did the same thing when I moved today. It’s hard to realize how much you have of something, until it is in a HUGE pile in front of your face. Needless to say I will be making some donations to the Goodwill. 

The middle of my day consisted of packing, moving, a long walk up a big hill with my mom and her dog, a veggie sandwhich, jazzercise (couldnt miss that), time with friends, a fitting for a dress for a wedding, and we have arrived at the evening.

Where am I moving? I am moving in with my good friends, the Willis’ family. I have been friends with their daughter, Sarah since we where teenagers. I am so blessed to have been welcomed into their home. They have been very gracious to me. This next month will allow me to save money and will give me and Sarah intentional time together before we move away from each other. Its a really precious time for us. 

Living here is fantastic. But. There will be a lot of adjustments. First of all I am living with a family. Its been a long time since its been like this. It means dinner at home a few nights a week. It means lots of noise. It means living where there is a washer and dryer. Where there is a guard dog. Video games. Dishes for 8. It’s just different. I am sharing a bathroom for the first time with a boy, correction, with a MAN. He cornered me in the kitchen this evening to lay down the law about the bathroom schedule. We really didn’t iron out the kinks on that one. My room, decorated comfortably as a spare room, is not MY room. There are pictures of the woods and a safe full of guns in there. I am not complaining, I am so grateful. I am so joyful. I just need to adjust to the new scenery. I love this family and am going to enjoy my time here. Oddly enough with all these changes, I am more indifferent than I expected. I am actually happier than I expected. I feel at home, or at least my heart does, and that’s enough for the rest of me.

Tomorrow 6 people will be helping me move the rest of my belongings into storage. so.there’s.that.

Some days are worth blogging. This one isn’t. It was a simple day. It was just weird. Weird that I don’t have a kitchen. Weird that my lotion is in storage. Weird that this is for a short time. Oh and don’t worry, I will keep everyone in the loop for all the exciting, and not so exciting moments. 


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