Just a little update

So this is what happened in the last month:

 I went from looking for rooms to rent to landing a roommate. Kelli Rust, who many of you know and love, has graciously decided to move in with me. Actually that not how it happened…She got a job at Pacific Symphony (whoo hoo GO KELLI!) and we where already close friends, already had considered it and God just paved the way. I am really blessed that this door opened. She and I work really well together and have already been experiencing so much growth in our relationship through this.

 The problem is that, we, being two smart, attractive, driven young women, cannot find a place to live. Just cant. The market for apartments in Orange County is cut throat and we are slowly learning the process. It may be a little frustrating at times, but for the most part it really is a whole lot of fun and a lot of learning. Monday I have my first day at work and I have no place to live so I will be couch surfing, and I am seriously so excited about it. I will be staying with some friends of Kelli’s in Anaheim mostly, as well as hoping around to others friends of mine throughout Orange County. There is no set in stone plan. I love it! This whole thing is totally feeding my sense of adventure and I couldn’t be more excited.

 So hats off to adventure and meeting new people and eating new food and not knowing ANYTHING. I really think its more fun this way.


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