Suburbs in the city

For Pete’s sake!

I don’t know who Pete is, but for some reason his sake we want to keep. Maybe Pete was a good man, a man people admired. Maybe he was well loved. I don’t know him, but I relate to him in that, this is for my sake. This new season is for my sake. It’s for all the people I serve and for the glory of God in the long run, but this transitional season, it’s for my sake.

I have been running long and hard for the past few years. Doing, doing and doing and now my world has come to an almost pause. When I finally stopped running around like crazy and moved to a city where I could no longer do that, you won’t believe all I want to do is….SLEEP! All the time! All I want is rest. How blessed am I, that I have nothing more fulfilling in my life than resting! What a great season.

Now let me tell you a little about this last week, that has sort of felt like a month.

First of all Kelli and I are living with a 65 year old women named Sandy. I have sat down a few times and thought about how I can possibly describe her, and I know I am going to butcher the full Sandy experience when I try to put it into words, but you want to know right? Well she is a quirky women at best. She does weird things like put the cereal in the fridge and says weird things like “all I do around here is take out the garbages” which isn’t true. She keeps a very tidy house, it is a beautiful home and it is more than comfortable to live in. She is very giving and very sweet. She doesn’t have many rules and our interactions have been very pleasant. As weird as she is at times I am slowly falling in love with her. She often makes me laugh till I cry when she is simply doing ordinary tasks, but mostly I love her because of her sweet heartedness and because of her sassy demeanor. Kelli and I share a room…and a full size bed. Many have asked how that is: it’s great! We enjoy being around each other and to be honest I can’t think of another person I would want to walk down this road with. Kelli has blessed me so much in the way she loves and cares for me. She is a gem and sharing a bed with her only allows us to grow more in the challenges of this season. Soon to arrive our are 4th and 5th roommates Lita and Andy. More stories to come, I am sure, at their arrival.

The Panera I now work at. The Panera….Panera. I gotta tell yah, transferring to a new cafe is not without its challenges. In fact it’s a ton of challenges. I have been warmly welcomed, but being a new manager in a store that seeks to change and grow is an uphill battle. I wholeheartedly except the challenge!

The sheepfold will start to kick in at the start of this next year. I am doing a few Christmas events, but aside from that the real work hasn’t begun.

All in all Orange County is slowly wooing me. With its intricate freeway systems, talkative towns people and south coast plaza, I am growing happier day by day. Like I said, this last week has been like a month and it has brought both exceptional times of rejoicing and times of tears. I look forward to continuous growth and rest as well as struggles and new experiences! Thank you Lord, you’ve blessed me. For my sake and for your glory!!


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