More than a Full House

…More than a full plate, more than enough work, more than my expectations. Always more. I don’t think God ever created anyone, but in particular me, for anything less, than a circus of a life. And I love it.


Us humans, we are a funny prideful breed. Constantly making the assumption, that in all our flaws we know what is best for us. WRONG. I seem to constantly try to manipulate my life and make it what I think is best.


So with that preface, I will state that I am scaling back from what I thought to be a season of full-fledged volunteering at the sheepfold. The Gospel, I have come to understand, is not limited in its forms of loving people so they can love Jesus, or in its making disciples who make disciples, to a person or a ministry or anything. Though I may have thought that, that was what God had for me, truly He seems to have had other plans for me to do His work. What brought me here where many prayerful times, lots of discussion and eventually a Kingdom priority mentality?

On a different not, I would like to state that I don’t think people really know how much I love them. Possibly its because my Love is so poorly displayed. But I have to believe that Christ triumphs that! And in all my efforts I cant seem to pound it into people’s head enough, or say it enough. (Probably all part of my problem) May the Lord teach me the way to guide people into understanding of what Love is. May he guide me to understand it better myself!


And lastly I am turning 23. This year doesn’t feel like Christmas at all, and the last thing I want to do is celebrate my birthday. Not for some cynical, I hate turning another year old type deal. Simply could do without it. I am just as happy progressing another day, without the celebration of my life. Too much is going on anyways.


So cheers to you all. Hats off to another year! Merry Christmas, may it truly be merry!




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