It’s Wednesday. I’m driving all around Orange County. It’s a weird day. I can just feel it that it’s weird. I start telling people, today’s a weird day. As if my announcing it helps any. The day flows in and out. At one point I stop. What I was doing isn’t of much importance. I stop and I call a friend. Then I get a phone call and my world starts spinning. Ok call everyone I know. A few tears. And then about my day I go. This is at 3:00pm

Fast forward to 8:30 pm. I’m on the floor. I’m crying and have bee crying for some time now. The great unleashing has begun. Three years of pent up emotions, hard work, pain, hopes, dreams, failure and success are bleeding out of my eyes onto my apartment floor. This continues well into the night. Followed by another phone call. More tears. An understanding. Disbelief and then at the end; release!

That phone call was the mark of the end of a season for me. I have been dwelling in the fire and the Lord has finally let me go. It’s a strange thing to try to explain it to people, but that’s what it is. I’m done.

The phone call was from The Sheepfold. The agency I moved to Orange County to work for. They called to offer me a job. They called to offer me a career. A job as a house manager of a domestic violence shelter. Giving me the ability to feed my soul, to fulfill my call and to love these women! I don’t understand the ways of the Lord but I do know when he is moving because I can see it! And boy did he move. Of course yes, I would love the job! And off I tried to go about my day. Worst idea I’ve ever had. God wanted to shake me. He wanted me to know that I was done with the trail he had previously placed me and he wanted me to be ready to go! So he shook me like a tree and all my plastered on leaves, that looked healthy and fresh, the ones that told the world I was good and I could keep coming, all fell right into the lap of Jesus. Right where they belong.

For the following 3 days or so, I saw miracles in my life unfold. It seemed as though prayers I had been praying for SO long where being answered. This includes me finding a way to be healthy again. Yep that’s right folks, I am in less pain than I have been in a year. I feel more alive than ever!

I’m not going to disclose all that the Lord is doing, this is a very intimate time for us. I am posting this in request for prayer. Although God has answered many prayers in the last week, I still have so much to get through until I am out of this tunnel. I just saw the light for the first time last week, still have to run toward it!

What was left after the shaking and all the leaves fell where open wounds. And a new journey begins!




One thought on “simple.

  1. Oh sister, I am so beyond happy to see Gods hand in your life; from the time I met you three years ago, to now and this rough Dolorosa project looking closer than ever. Praise Jesus!

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