My Addiction


Here I am. Pause and let’s praise God for breaking strongholds, particularly in this gals life! End Pause.


I’m sure everyone reading this let out a little chuckle. Yep sugar is a real addiction. And I’m really addicted to it. Sugar, like all other processed food, has mood altering properties that cause humans to use it to cope with emotions and to have a seemingly impossible time ceasing to consume it. Replace sugar for another word like alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. and you will be familiar with the side effects.

Now in order to explain to you how I came to the realization that this was more than a sweet tooth and was a physical dependency, I need to tell you my journey with food and my body. I also need to tell you that sugar addiction is in every household. Most Americans are addicted to either chemical additives in food, sugar, caffeine, complex carbs, or just food in general. I am not alone. I am just calling it for what it is. I hope this post encourages you to evaluate your own food choices and start the journey of healing- not only for your body, but your mind and spirit.

I was raised in a family that was overall ‘junk food free’ my mother rarely cooked packaged food for us. I didn’t eat top ramen until after I moved out and fast food was not allowed. We didn’t always eat healthy, but we weren’t in taking high quantities of processed food either. As a young adult, I thought I had my body figured out. I ate tons of carbs and sugar AND tons of veggies and fruit, which for some reason I thought fixed it. I have always been a little pudgy- but no one ever said anything, because I’m not obese, and because I was doing what every other seemingly healthy person was doing. I was good. I now know how many chemicals where in the foods I thought where healthy and how much more processed the food I was eating was than I thought. Earlier this year when I got sick and found out I had an auto-immune disease, I started looking for ways to take control of my health, since my body obviously was suffering. Most people can’t explain to you what certain foods do to you; they just say “its healthy.” for example- whole grain. What does whole grains do to benefit your body and what grain are they using all of? You probably don’t have an answer for that; you just think it’s healthy. Even a pineapple. Do you know what pineapple does for the body? I’m not saying I’m an expert. I just wanted the answer to those questions. You should too!

First thing I learned: Gluten is terrible for you and toxic, as someone with an auto-immune disease you should stop consuming it immediately to give your immune system a break and allow it to fight your disease. Also sugar and carbs cause inflammation, with an inflammatory disease, they had to go. I learned that soy, along with preservatives and other additives, are also terrible for you and could be the cause of these diseases. I also learned what foods where helpful on building up the immune system. I had to cut the bad and replace it with the good. I had no other choice in order to survive.

I cut it all out, except the sugar. I couldn’t do that.

By the time I went in for surgery in May my body was at its peak. I bounced back from surgery faster than anyone I had heard of. After my surgery I backslid into my old ways for a while, before realizing once again what was at stake, and yet again threw myself into keeping my body healthy. I’m full primal (very similar to paleo, I just have a little bit of dairy in there), I run, get massage therapy, gave up coffee, eat organic, look for excuses to move my body, get out in the sunshine, get plenty of sleep, eat tons of veggies and fruit, don’t eat between meals, I don’t eat processed foods, I do all that the nutritionist say. I eat healthier than most of the people around me. But still even with all that, I am daily finding myself sticking processed sugar into my body, making excuses, wishing to stop, praying for change, and seeing little results of the other things I am doing because of the insult that the sugar is doing to my body. Sugar is so toxic for us. It immediately turns to fat when it enters the body. It release chemicals in your brain telling you your happy, even if your not. And so I keep eating it to lift my mood, to escape, or just to add more joy to my life. It’s a sickening cycle.

So finally I faced my demon. I need to get this sugar out. How you ask?

Well first I had to stop making excuses. I had to say, “Ok Liz, this is a spiritual, emotional, and physical dependency.” After that I did a ton of research. I learned more about super foods and am currently adding those bad boys into my diet. Lastly, very soon, I am going on a detox. I am purging it all out. Four days of NO SUGAR AT ALL! Just super foods and greens in liquid form, and water. When I’m done I have faith that the battle will be over. Also after the cleanse I will try to eat 51% of my meals raw. That’s a whole other thing, if your curious please ask. I am also taking advantage of this opportunity to take a spiritual retreat. In talking about this with some of my friends, they are challenged to do the same. I will be updating my blog with how it goes so people can know a little bit of what to expect. For those of you who would like to know what I’ve learned, I’d love to tell you all about it. Or you can find me in the kitchen; I have taken up residents there.

I usually don’t tell the world about my physical goals, but heck here I am pouring out my food regimen with all of you, might as well tell you what I hope to get out of it.

I’m not trying to be skinny; I’m trying to be strong. I was unfortunately born weak. I am sick. I will always be sick. I was also born with a purpose that God has laid out before me. He has given me the tools to do it, even though I am sick. But I have to take care of my body, the Temple, if I am going to do that! So my goal is to be strong. It’s also to get rid of the idol of sugar in my life. Jesus should be my only God, no other thing should go before, replace, or add to Him. I am excited for my journey of no sugar,  super foods and raw eating!


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